Find peace through meditation

Wooden seated Buddha between 2 pillar candles with 3 small wooden hearts. Represents a return to stillness and peace in the body, breath and mind through meditation and by holding attention in the heart space.


MEDITATION has more than 100 documented health benefits and is a practice which is easy to fit into your daily life. It is known to increase energy, focus and concentration making it an ideal antidote to the stresses of our modern world. By developing a regular practice we become calmer, more considered in our approach to life and more efficient. We learn how to let go of tension and to be at ease with whatever challenges life brings us... and to be more peaceful. More >>.


Free taster sessions

Close up of raindrops on un-opened red leaves – red is the colour of the first chakra – the root energy centre in the body (our foundation). In order to taste we need water and we are like a plant opening to new experiences.


You may be uncertain if yoga or meditation is really for you so I’m very happy for anyone interested to have a free taster session of one of my classes. Please call me to arrange it and I’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have and give you more information about myself.


Find out more about my free taster sessions here >>.



I am a British Wheel of Yoga teacher with 20 years’ personal practice, 8 years of yoga teaching experience and a background of medicine and sport. I am also a Satvik Energy Therapist which adds further depth to my teaching. My classes are in the coastal area of Suffolk: in Woodbridge, Melton, Holbrook and for one-to-ones at my home in Wickham Market.


Yoga is so much more than flexibility and power poses! In my classes we explore balance in your body, being and life. Flexibility and strength flow with dynamic postures (asana) and the breath, as well as with stillness and calm. My personal practice has brought me from dis-ease to well-being.


Whatever your physical condition there is a yoga practice that will work for you.


With this holistic approach you can strengthen yourself on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My teaching supports my classes in an atmosphere of non-judgement, in an exploration of how the body, breath and being move and weave together and then return to stillness.


Practising yoga regularly can make the whole of our lives better, happier and healthier and bring an inner calm and radiance to our being.


Yoga is India’s greatest gift
to the world.