Yoga classes


Location:Harkstead Village Hall. IP9 21DG

Day and time:Mondays
09:30 – 11:00

Ability:Mixed ability

Payment term:Pay termly

Location:Bredfield Village Hall. IP13 6AX or join via ZOOM

Day and time:Wednesdays
09:30 – 11:00

Ability:Mixed ability

Payment term:Pay termly

Location:Hollesley Village Hall, Woodbridge. IP12 3RQ

Day and time:Fridays
09:20 – 10:50

Ability:Gentle hatha for beginners and intermediates

Payment term:Pay termly


Please call me on +44 (0)1728 747 001 or email me to enrol in a class. Recorded ZOOM classes are also available in prepaid termly blocks.


Practical considerations for classes

Please bring to class the following: non-slip mat, warm layers, a blanket for relaxation and a bottle of water.

You may also find useful:

  • a towel or small blanket for extra padding
  • yoga blocks for ease in posture work
  • a belt or non-stretch scarf for support in posture work


It is advisable not to eat immediately before a class (ideally at least 1-2 hours before).


Cathie’s 6pm class is one of the highlights of my week! Every time I leave with twice the energy I had when I set out. My body and mind feel renewed and refreshed, and I feel I have let go of the worries and tensions of the day. 

Frances Shelley


One-to-one / yoga therapy

Available by arrangement at Wickham Market, IP13 0RA.


Cathie's yoga teaching space at her home. Sunshine floods in through open casement doors and a Juliet balcony. Flowers and candles bring a sense of calm peace to this space.

One-to-ones are particularly helpful for:

  • those with chronic illness
  • those unable to participate in a class for whatever reason
  • those with specific issues they want to address eg after injury or operation, cancer, anxiety or depression


I have a particular interest in ME/CFS, anxiety, asthma, back pain and addictions.


After an initial assessment and discussion I offer very focussed teaching specific to the issues the person brings. This may include breath practices and meditations as well a bespoke physical practice. I teach tools for use at home as well giving a personalised physical practice sheet to take away.

Cathie has wonderful healing qualities which I have found very restorative and beneficial to my wellbeing. I have been through some life-changing events and Cathie has always been there offering support and encouragement in a sensitive and caring manner. After a one-to-one she puts you on the path to successful self-care with advice and exercises to continue at home. She cares deeply about everyone and is a remarkable and dedicated yoga teacher. 

Sheila Sparrow




Wooden Buddha in seated pose with mala beads and 3 small wooden hearts. This posture can be used for meditation. The Buddha and the hearts represent peaceful stillness in the body, mind and spirit and within the heart space.

Would you like to...

  • Reduce stress?
  • Improve your health?
  • Find better balance in your life?
  • Improve your sleep?
  • Have more energy?
  • Find peace of mind?


Location:Join via ZOOM

Day and time:Thursdays
18:00 – 19:00

Ability:Mixed ability, no expirience required.

Payment term:Pay termly


Please call me on +44 (0)1728 747 001 or email me to enrol in a class.


My classes include breath practices, guided visualisations and meditation techniques gathered from different traditions. Students will learn how to become grounded, alert and aware whilst remaining relaxed and calm. Each term has an overall theme – I use colour, sound, movement, mantra and objects from nature, and teach many ways of becoming mindful in our everyday lives. I use inspirational readings to support the theme of the class and to introduce a consideration of spiritual principles and how we relate to ourselves and others.


I encourage all my students to practice at home and to share their experiences in the class which then encourages and inspires others. The classes are fun and supportive and there is always some discussion time to reflect on the experience. Students leave a class feeling a stronger connection to themselves, more peaceful, relaxed and refreshed.


My aim is that students learn how to live their whole lives meditatively, in a calmer, healthier and more enjoyable way. I hope they are inspired by their results to incorporate their practice into a normal day, from stopping at traffic lights, to listening to the rain or to doing the washing up!


So meditation is not all about sitting silently in a room with the eyes closed!


Satvik energy therapy

Available by arrangement at Wickham Market, IP13 0RA.
(recommended 4 x 1 hour sessions)


Blue word 'Satvik' encoporated with a stylised blue dandelion clock with seeds released into the air. Cathie is also a Satvik Energy Therapist. This therapy works with the body's energetic field to bring the body back into balance and allow the client to move towards their potential - physically, mentally and emotionally

Everyone has the potential for good health. Satvik Energy therapy helps us move towards achieving that potential whether we are simply run down or wanting to recover from serious illness.


Satvik Energy Therapy works directly with the energy field that surrounds us, our life force energy which is responsible for our well-being, not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We all store patterns of stress in our body and internal organs. These patterns can block the continuous flow of life-force energy, creating ill health or emotional disturbance. The therapy focuses on enhancing the clarity and strength of this energy field which can then positively impact our immune system and aid the natural healing process.


A treatment equates to 4 individual hour long sessions arranged ideally over 2-4 weeks. Four sessions are important as during each session the therapist is able to work at deeper levels of the energy field.


The treatment is very relaxing. The client remains fully clothed and little physical contact is required.


For more information see


Courses and retreats


They are an opportunity to explore more aspects of yoga in a deeper way that may only be touched upon in an ordinary yoga class. From my personal experience I know they can be transformational!

A mandala made as the centrepiece at one of the days in the Creative Chakra Connection course. Made with candles, flowers, yellow and indigo scarfs and other ornaments it represents the Solarplexus and 3rd-eye chakras.Yoga retreats, courses and workshops give time out, away from the hamster wheel of modern life, to:

relax,   restore,   replenish


body,   mind,   spirit

They are an opportunity to explore more aspects of yoga in a deeper way that may only be touched upon in an ordinary yoga class. From my personal experience I know they can be transformational!


Heart Beat Retreat

Dates:Residential course from October 23 –25th 2015

Location:Bridge Barn Dunwich, IP17 3DZ

Creative chakra connections

A new course is currently being planned to start in October 2015.


Taster sessions

Close up of raindrops on un-opened red leaves – red is the colour of the first chakra – the root energy centre in the body (our foundation). In order to taste we need water and we are like a plant opening to new experiences.Please come along to a yoga or meditation class for a free taster session!


I can always accommodate people who want to see if yoga or meditation is for them – even if we are well into term.


There are many different schools of yoga and styles of teachers so it is often very helpful to try one of my classes and to experience my teaching style before you commit to coming regularly.


Many people worry that they may not be flexible, strong or fit enough to do the physical part of yoga and then find these worries evaporate when they have tried a class. They discover how varied students’ abilities and challenges are and that each person can be catered for in a mixed class. Remember that the most physically challenged may be skilled in breath work or meditation. Also, if returning after illness or injury, an individual may just want to be active in part of the class and then rest and relax for the remainder.


Please call me on +44 (0)1728 747 001 or email me to arrange joining us for a yoga or meditation class for a FREE taster session!