About you...

Dogwood leaves close up in sunshine – our yoga practice can give us this sense of radiance and connection with nature. Green is the colour of the heart chakra (energy centre) where we come into balance in all aspects of our being.Would you like:

  • a stronger body?
  • more flexibility?
  • relaxation?
  • greater sense of well-being?
  • improved health?
  • pain relief?
  • more energy?
  • better relationships?
  • a better balance in life?
  • more enjoyment of life?
  • better concentration?
  • a calmer mind?
  • more peace?
  • to look younger?


Many people have found this with a regular yoga practice... AND IT COULD BE YOU TOO!


Do you have...?


Backpain or back injury?

YOGA can: release unwanted tension, stretch restricted and tight back muscles and improve the health of your back by regaining strength and flexibility. You would be amazed how many joints there are in the spine all of which need to move easily. Yoga can relieve pain, improve range of movement and build core strength.


Tension and pain in shoulders and neck?

YOGA can: increase range of movement in the neck and shoulders while also building strength. In so doing it will relieve tension and reduce neck and shoulder pain. The practice of yoga will generally reduce the levels of stress which causes an increase in pain in overtight muscles, often felt particularly in the shoulders.


Stress related conditions? eg IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), heartburn / gastritis, tension headaches / migraine, insomnia.

YOGA can: reduce stress by bringing the attention away from the busy / stressed mind into the body, through improving breathing habits, improving range of movement in the ribcage allowing deeper breath, releasing unnecessary tension in the body, gently toning the muscles, balancing the nervous system and massaging the abdominal contents allowing for better functioning of the organs.


Knee problems?

YOGA can: build strength and maintain range of movement in the knees, balance muscle support around the knees, free tension in the hips allowing better alignment of both knees and hips and improve co-ordination and balance.



YOGA can: maintain function and gently build strength in supporting muscles to reduce further deterioration in the joints and release unnecessary tension and tightness around joints which causes compression and pain. Most postures can be adapted for problems with arthritis.


Osteoporosis / osteopenia?

YOGA can: help to build and maintain bone density and strength by the practice of weight-bearing and balancing postures.


Poor balance?

YOGA can: build strength, flexibility and co-ordination (in particular in the feet, knees and hips) all of which will help with the balance. As we get older we lose foot ‘tensegrity’ (natural bounce) but with regular yoga practice it is possible to maintain / regain ‘tensegrity’ by increasing strength and flexibility in the feet and toes. All standing postures strengthen the feet and improve balance. Yoga also strengthens the core and deep postural muscles which improve posture.


Poor posture?

YOGA can: improve posture by focussing on spine health and alignment and building core strength. All twists, done with care and awareness, are very good for spine health allowing flexibility and strength to return. Through these postural changes all the organs are given space to function better and the abdominal organs are massaged by restoring good movement within the diaphragm. This then has the effect of increasing energy and sense of wellbeing.


Asthma or other respiratory conditions?

YOGA can: increase and maintain flexibility within the ribcage and upper spine which frees the breathing mechanism to work more efficiently and improves the movement and flexibility of the diaphragm. This then gives the body more energy and there is a greater sense of wellbeing. By reducing general stress levels yoga has a beneficial impact on all breathing related conditions.


Anxiety or depression?

YOGA can: bring a greater sense of calm to the body and mind, and students experience a lifting of mood, thus increasing a sense of wellbeing. By focusing on the use of the physical body and it’s co-ordination with the breath, the busy mind is given time to rest and the body is better able to relax and let go of tension. By ‘burning off’ adrenalin in a physical practice the student begins to return to a more restful and balanced place in mind, breath and body. Breath practices, meditation and a formal relaxation at the end of a class all contribute to improved mood and a sense of calmness.


In fact there is no condition or life problem that yoga cannot help or give benefit!


Even if you are blind or visually impaired, chair or bed-bound or just having difficulties in your life one way or another, yoga can help you enjoy radiant health!


Free taster sessions!

Close up of raindrops on un-opened red leaves – red is the colour of the first chakra – the root energy centre in the body (our foundation). In order to taste we need water and we are like a plant opening to new experiences.


You may be uncertain if yoga or meditation is really for you so I’m very happy for anyone interested to have a free taster session of one of my classes. Please call me to arrange it and I’ll be able to answer any questions or concerns that you may have and give you more information about myself.


Find out more about my free taster sessions here >>.



First yoga deals with health, strength and conquest of the body. Next it lifts the veil of difference between the body and the mind. Lastly it leads the sadhaka to peace and unalloyed purity. 

B K S Iyengar (Light on Pranayama)


White swan swimming. Swan posture lengthens the spine, opens the heart area and releases the shoulders (our 'wings'). White symbolises purity and tranquillity.


I am so looking forward to the start of the new term. I will have been coming to Cathie’s classes for nearly two years and I so enjoy them. Her careful attention to each of us in the class, helping us to adapt postures according to our individual needs makes it feel rather more like a one-to-one session than a group. Her calm, kind manner mixed with her sense of fun make each class a joy. I feel I have gained so much in the last two years not just physically but also mentally, becoming more aware of how to approach life in a more beneficial way rather than feeling caught up on the hamster wheel. Thank you Cathie. 

Linda Osborn


Cathie in her yoga space in 'gate' posture – half-high kneeling in side bend. Posture to open the side of the body and release shoulders.


Reverence of one’s body, as for all life, is an antidote to abuse and violence. When the relatedness of the physical and the mental is better understood, the mind can function as it’s own therapist by shifting focus, with reprogramming as the intended choice. 

Swami Sivananda Radha (Hatha Yoga – The Hidden Language)